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American Indian Probate Guide

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An Alternative to the Indian Child Welfare Act

Legal Service Industry plays a vital role in a democracy!

The American Bar Association refers to the words “access to justice” periodically in its publications. It is a bit of a wonder what that can possibly mean when the legal service profession itself tends to cater to the top 30% and especially the top 15% in society. One notable “law association” in a specialty area of the law has published short articles titled “How to secure the best paying clients….” and one other advert I saw recently on Facebook had the headline, “Even you can have a $10,000 per month law practice…”

With the start of 2015, I would like to see for once a discussion about how justice requires access. There is no other profession quite like the law which has the kind of authority to mediate and reduce festering social tensions. After all, a successful democracy demands both access and participation.

Here is an example, while not from the U.S. making a clear argument: access to vital legal education and rights to consultation are the first things to go!

To summarize, the Brazilian Congress recently intended to pass a constitutional amendment that would have stripped the indigenous Brazilian populations of their land boundary rights (to keep out) essentially, wealthy ranchers and oil companies!

“”the indigenous people showed that they will never submit, even to the point of sacrificing their lives, to the re-colonization, usurpation and despoiling of their territories…in favor of the extractive industries, big agribusiness or of the neo-developers defended by the elites.”

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/12/22/controversial-law-brazil-sees-indigenous-clash-police-law-fails-158411