Busy Parents (legal) Guide to Child Protection And Financial Planning

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Old stories can have the power to move people….

“The story of Lost Bird is a vivid illustration of how a faded old photograph, over a century old, can have the power to move people to make discoveries long after the subject and the photographer are dead. On her own trail of tears, during her short life, Zintka was robbed of her name and her mother and any opportunity to learn about her own culture.”


for the love of children

Your children are just like mine. They are children.

Children deserve to be protected. We should provide generations to come an environmentally clean environment. What about employment related paid time off (PTO) for those occasions when parents should stay at home to care for a sick child? In a modern society, paid maternity and paternity leave does make sense, too. I have talked to far too many mothers who feel particularly torn when they must chose work over their bonding time with their baby.

Affordable child care is required for people to go to work while they are left to merely hope  their children will learn constructive things during the day in a safe environment. We live in communities which should provide families places for frolic and play while recognizing many are on a tight budget.

Why you might add? Do it for the love of children…