This is a story about what happened after Susie Brown Nowlin (Chickasaw #2828) died in 1927. She died with 40 acres – more or less of her original Oklahoma allotment land, her wood framed house and presumably personal momentous with the ordinary things that are used in domestic life. Public records reveal a business oriented Indian woman, perhaps not so educated but definitely savvy having oil and gas leases in her own name – sometimes married and sometimes not. Her handwriting revealed a woman who was educated and typically educated better than most Indian women in the early 1900s.

Her second husband, Lorenzo Nowlin died in December 1914 and still two years later, Susie (a pet name Lorenzo had apparently given her) went by both her former husband’s last and maiden names or (Nowlin nee Brown). She died with only one living child, a son named Raymond. Like any mother, she had entrusted people in her immediate family like her niece Katherine Josephine Brown Graham (known as Josephine) to care for him after she had gone. Josephine admitted that she had lived with her Aunt off and on during those early years. While the trust was evident on the part of Susie, it proved to be one -sided. For Raymond, it was a mistake and it ultimately lead to a series of intentional omissions and a claim against his parentage.

Josephine died in 2002 but not before she made a fraudulent claim that supported her own deceptive acts and omissions. This fraudulent claim was reinforced by her granddaughter, DeAnna who was and is willing to perpetuate the wrong to preserve her grandmother’s name.


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