Development in Indian Justice

See the findings of my extensive research about what happened to my Dad who was an orphan Chickasaw, victimized by family and then re-victimized by the documented criminal conspiracy to take Indian lands (

The BIA and the Chickasaw Tribal Government Services are legally separate. CDIB cards are issued and the sole responsibility of the BIA. Both would rather rely on fraudulent “personal statements” made by my Dad’s first cousin, Josephine Brown Graham and her granddaughter. Reliance is still the case after more research of mine proves they are riddled with false information, as based on public documentation. The true motive for making the statements is now undeniable. Yes, there was a criminal conspiracy to take lands of Indians, as laid out by now famous historian, Angie Debo and especially land of Indian orphans. Now we should have the audacity to believe the Oklahoma style Grapes of Wrath did not happen and there are coincidences?

Reliance is done at the peril of justice. The BIA lacks adequate cause to continue to rely on personal statements when no collaborative public documentation is available to support the statements (and statements of those who benefited from the fraud). Have we entered the Twilight Zone?

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