Veterans Informing Veterans About Lenders and Home Buying Process

Are you a Veteran who bought a house using your home loan benefit? What kind of experience did you have during the lender or buying process? Would you like to share with other Veterans a great experience (or not so great experience) with a particular lender?

While helping a disabled veteran buy his first home, it struck me that the home buying experience is particularly frustrating for Veterans. Veterans and their families are kind of stuck taking the “toss the coin” approach on how to proceed, such as which lender is more commonly used or has the best consumer ratings as V.A. authorized lenders.

Lenders or Real Estate Agencies are not all the same. However, it is impossible to compare “apples to apples” or “apples to oranges” when there is no available data for a consumer Veteran to consider, except for the random hit and miss of word of mouth.  Of course, the value of that depends on whose “word” and whose mouth!

Veterans invariably have questions about whether the loan deal is it a good deal. Or whether the process they are having is processing normally or exceptionally slow. We believe Veterans need a place to write or share their consumer experiences. The Veterans Administration isn’t able to give particular endorsements, neither it seems are there resources to compare real consumer experiences and help you to avoid any pitfalls in the buyer and lender processes.

It is your right as a Veteran and as a consumer to have that information or to share your experiences! What another Veteran shares as his or her experience is just something more to consider. Who knows? It could turn out to save you and your family some undue stress and headache.

Educational Family Estate Apps is a place where Veterans and their families can do just that – leave their information or read the experiences of other Veterans to empower each other during the home buying journey. Start by leaving your comment now! We at Educational Family Estate Apps believe education should be affordable. Empower yourself today!


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