Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Radiation to Increase Rates of Thyroid and Other Cancers in the U.S.

“Almost one third of children born on the Pacific coast of the United States are now at high risk for thyroid cancer (and a host of other cancers that will be revealed over time.) The inevitable has happened. Radioactive Cesium isotopes from the leaking nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan have reached our Pacific shores and are contaminating our ocean, our, soil, our air, our food supply and our born and unborn children.”  Full blog article can be found at http://thecontrail.com/forum/topic/show?id=4744723%3ATopic%3A670254&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_topic

While it is not known how fully the Fukushima meltdown  will impact the health of Americans overall, the U.S. West Coast was more impacted by radiation fall out after the crisis began on 11 of March 2011. We can anticipate greater future illnesses, especially in “in womb” and young children in the adult stages of life due to this early exposure to radiation. Fukushima Daiichi is a disaster of global proportion and no containment appears likely. Time is now being measured in decades, not years before the release of radiation into the Pacific Ocean and atmosphere can be contained. It is not certain if a viable solution exists that can stop the release and re-release of nuclear radiation and it may continue into the foreseeable future.

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