Road trip is a bit like Life!

Eagle soars aloft with great anticipation

We returned this morning after leaving for Northeast Montana on June 23rd! The visit was to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation to visit family and friends. We enjoyed a swimming pool and a nice sized yard. My two youngest, Anabelle and Sophia had especially a wonderful time! It was difficult going at times, since my kids had never been on such a long road trip and despite having more room in a minivan, I felt depleted in ways I hadn’t expected! uugh….

On the way home, we came back through Glacier National Park. There was fire smoke but mostly occurring from a fire north of the border. Once we hit the main pass and into valleys leading us down the other side, the smoke dissipated. Other than it being hot which you are probably suffering from, too (no climate alterations here – lol), it was a good time. The total trip took about 2500 miles!
Life is like a road trip. We never can anticipate everything, so it is best to go prepared!
Please, check out my website now ( You will find things are mostly complete. I hope you will visit it and spread the word! The final touches will come next week.

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