Deanna Hartley – Kelso’s Affidavit Against Nowlin Descent from Susan Brown Nowlin

perrywalter henry

Perry Walter Henry, deputized City Marshal of Woodville shot Lorenzo Nowlin on or around December 05, 1914

I will address a part of the letter dated November 11, 1999 written as an ‘affidavit’ by Deanna Hartley – Kelso, former Attorney General and Head of Judicial Department of the Chickasaw Nation. It states in part:

On the above matter my great-grandmother, Josephine Brown Graham, niece of Susan Brown, relayed in writing (in December, 1994) the following information related to Raymond Nowlin.”

The last paragraph is titled “Relatives of Constable Walter Henry.”

Walter Henry, the Constable who shot Lorenzo Nowlin, had a nephew named Harold Henry. Harold’s wife is named Maudie Henry and is believed to still be living in Kingston, Oklahoma. Josephine may have her phone number. Maudie Henry’s sister was married to Solomon Ned, Sr., who raised Raymond Nowlin after Susan Brown’s (then Keel) death….” exact words of Deanna Hartley – Kelso.

Here is a rebuttal that the Bureau of Indian Affairs should have allowed the Nowlin Family to make:

1. Perry Walter Henry was a “deputized” city marshal and likely deputized the day of the murder of Lorenzo Nowlin on or around December 05, 1914. Mr. Henry was sent by Constable Thompson, despite a request by Susie Brown Nowlin for Thompson to appear to help settle her husband who had been drinking. There is NO evidence that Mr. Henry was in the regular duty of law enforcement.

2. Perry Walter Henry had married Mary Mildred Wallace. She died in 1907. Mary’s sister, Martha Elizabeth Wallace Christian and her husband raised Perry Henry’s children following the death of his wife, Mary. Maude Henry was one of the children of Perry Walter Henry (Maude is correctly spelled). Maude Henry has been confirmed to have died in Madill, Oklahoma on December 18, 1994.

3. Josephine Brown Graham’s “Letter of Personal Knowledge” was signed and dated on December 12, 1994, witnessed by a R.L. Wright. Josephine doesn’t mention details about the Henry family in her statement. Deanna’s “Affidavit” was submitted almost five years later (date as cited).

4. One of Perry Walter Henry’s siblings, Samuel Wright Henry who died in 1939 did have a child named, Harold Henry, which would be a cousin, not a husband to Maude.

5. Maude’s only sister was named Alletha or Aletha Marie Henry. Aletha died in 1978. Aletha married a man with the last name of Lemmons. Aletha was never married to Solomon Cecil Ned, Sr. who was the son of Louisa Hays (Grandmother Susie’s 1/2 sister who was deaf mute) and Watson Ned.

6. Solomon Ned was listed as 27 years old in 1930. Ola Mae is also listed on the 1930 Federal Census living in her husband’s household.

While our father, Raymond Nowlin was listed as a “border” in the Solomon Ned’s household, he was by then 16 years old. He was also an orphan, since both his parents had died.

7. It is a well known fact within our family that Solomon C. Ned married an Ola Mae Gray (Ned) or Grey who died in 1984. Ola Mae Gray was born to William David Gray and Minnie Belle Ashley. Interesting to note that Minnie Belle Ashley’s mother was born Malinda Ann Hartley who died in 1913.


Maude Henry could not have been known or well known by either Josephine or Deanna, let alone a close friend. Close friends know when the other one dies. There was no point in having Maude’s phone number in 1999, since Maude was already deceased. It is unlikely that Maude had any personal knowledge of the day her father, Perry Henry shot our Grandfather, Lorenzo, since Maude would have been only about ten (10) years old herself in 1914. Maude Henry’s sister, Aletha was never married to Solomon C. Ned.

The statement supplied by Deanna Hartley – Kelso stretches the imagination but more importantly it is false.


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