“Walking across America”

While I was driving, I saw a man near the intersection where I was stopped at the light. I noticed he had a vest, tan pants and was walking at a rather fast pace. As he turned the corner, I could see he had a sign on his back, which read: “Walking across America.” “Hmmm,” I thought.

I continued to observe and noticed he seemed to stop about every ten feet to take a picture of the standard road signs, such as speed limit or neighborhood watch placed along the road in the direction he was going. I started to laugh out loud (LOL), since if his pattern was to continue and his natural inclination was to stop to take pictures that frequently, I wondered how on earth that man thought he was going to walk across the street let alone America! Sight of this man serves as a reminder to us all that pacing ourselves is a requirement if we expect to get anywhere. The world is in constant commotion and often in a non-lineal direction. “Hurry up and wait,” is often the phrase we hear. To where, you say and smartly ask. While it may not be our place to know the destination, we can be more in control of the journey.

Estate Planning education is one way to obtain greater control of your road ahead!


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