Don’t be fooled – to choose between pseudo choices or real ones?

The recent swath of oil tanker explosions or derailments in the U.S. smells like sabotage. It may be an effort to make Americans think the only alternate course of action is to support the Canada XL Pipeline or pipelines in general. It may also be used to accuse those who don’t support pipelines support “environmental degradation.” Neither “options” are true. Fact is petro is killing us and this planet. There is a real choice at hand: demand smarter energy policies and start screaming for them NOW!

With the price of crude oil swinging around $50 a barrel, the oil barons and speculators intend to raise havoc. OPEC has predicted (declared) it foresees price of the barrel at or exceeding $200. War hawks and those who gain will work toward their goal. Years ago, there were similar predictions and the last time price at the pump soared to those all new highs, the havoc intended was aimed at the pocketbook and control over the globe. Alternatives, such as hydrogen and electric for transportation exist but of course, they require building infrastructure and investment. Investment in ourselves!

Homes can be run on a combination of solar and wind. It has been proven to work and folks are leaving the grid. The only people who say it can’t work are those who care more about the at-large market place than they do for sustainability or for that matter, you or your family’s independence. The world is already so contaminated. We are heading into a decade of accelerated warming and climatic instability. Do you have children? anticipate doing so? Grandchildren? Let us do something really radical: think about the legacy we are leaving behind today – now!


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