Old stories can have the power to move people….

“The story of Lost Bird is a vivid illustration of how a faded old photograph, over a century old, can have the power to move people to make discoveries long after the subject and the photographer are dead. On her own trail of tears, during her short life, Zintka was robbed of her name and her mother and any opportunity to learn about her own culture.”



2 thoughts on “Old stories can have the power to move people….

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    • The true story is held deeply beneath what most people believe about the Indian Child Welfare Act. First violations came from the federal government with its boarding school legacy found at locations like Carlisle. Later, it was told to us that the Indian Child Welfare Act was created to slow the loss of American Indian children from their homes and communities by state based removal actions. Years of abuses and child removal actions later, the truth is that the ICWA didn’t change the paradigm. In fact, it solidified the status quo. After doing extensive research, I realized that all along there were two real solutions: encourage legal Guardianships and provide greater access to legal services in Indian Country in order to increase the number of Guardianships. Read more about my findings at http://www.educationalfamilyestatesapps.com.

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