Bobbi Christina, Whitney Houston’s 21 year daughter found without vital signs

IT TAKES ONLY SIX MINUTES without oxygen to the brain for brain death to occur!

No one wants to think a 21 year old should have a Will or Trust instrument but when wealth or minor children are involved, Estate Planning tools must be used!

Bobbi Christina married her “adoptive brother” a little over a year ago. Assuming there was no “pre-nup,” Christina was set to inherit the full $12 million fortune from Whitney Houston’s estate by the age of 30….if Bobbi Christina dies without having a Will or Trust then her husband will presumably stand in her shoes and take the inheritance (unless something was provisioned in her mother’s estate to prevent such a result). Otherwise, if Christina survives with mental incapacity, she is likely to be under her husband’s care (positive or negative in light of the specific history of any relationship). Surviving parents or extended family would have a near impossible legal battle on their hands to try to override the legal priority of a man’s status as a lawful husband.

Sad, so sad! While the tumultuous ins and outs of the rich and famous may seem inevitable, the lack of knowledge about Estate Planning tools need not be anyone’s fate! See for an affordable and convenient resource to learn more!


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