Continuation of “1900s Oklahoma Land Grab….” of Susie B. Nowlin’s original allotment

Upon careful reflection, we see that nothing is new but a continuation of the sorts…a web once spun it is hard to leave.

Grandmother Susie’s brother, Joe Loman Brown purportedly executed (or wrote) his Last Will and Testament on February 10, 1918. At the time of his death, four days later, he owned 200 acres of land, estimated value of $2,500 and $200 of personal property. Joe also had in his home, a wife, Mary Ellen Hulse Davis (a.k.a. Ella Brown and a non-Indian), two step children from his wife’s former relationship and his two children from Ellen, Odis and Josephine.

His Will purportedly left the bulk of his estate to his two step- children and wife. His children, Odis and Josephine were not on his mind or he felt their land allotments which they still had (from some unknown source) was sufficient, according to case history in Brown v. Minter (

Odis and Josephine were the contestants who commenced action against their father’s Will then as minor children, beginning approximately in 1918. Adding insult, they claimed the usual and typical claims associated with contesting a Will, such as against Joe’s sound mind; fraud, duress and undue influence purportedly by the executor, J. O. Minter.

The Will and Last Wishes of Joe Loman Brown were upheld. The step children, known as Nora Bell Davis and Alpha Frances Davis were given the bulk of Joe’s land. How ironic, since one of the supporting documents used for issuance of my Dad’s Delayed Birth Certificate issued in 1949 by the State of Oklahoma lists a “Ruth Minter….”

The Minter family had extensive fingerlings living in and around the Ada, Oklahoma area and was one of those who had extensive knowledge of Indian families and lands. One source on the web mentions the “Hulsey line living in old Minterville in Chickasaw Nation in the 1880’s.”

Ruth Minter attested to the fact that in 1924, 1925 and 1927 as the Marshall County Schools Scholastic Census Enumerator that my Dad, Raymond Nowlin was living with his mother, Susie and Guy Keel, his step dad. Grandma Susie died on February 28, 1927.


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