Financial Planning and Guardianship matters matter to everyone

I spent the first day of January cleaning my house! While there are certainly better things to do on New Year’s Day, I felt the need to get my home in order, not as the usual New Year’s resolution but as a necessity.

Everyone has something of value….a house, retirement accounts and if they have minor children, they have the most precious gift of all. This brings me to a recent conversation I had with a woman while we mutually waited for a child’s activity to finish. It turns out she was the Grandmother of the children she had brought. I call it one of my “unofficial” opinion polls in order to determine the extent of how much legal education is needed.

While she didn’t know the specifics as to her daughter-in-law’s planning, she told me that if something were to happen she felt confident that someone in the family would step forward to act as Guardian of her Grandchildren. She implied the matter had been discussed within their “circles…”

As I mentioned to her during the conversation, an oral agreement doesn’t confer legal status. Essentially, an oral agreement is not enough! The parents must set up a legal Guardianship because without which, only the state where they and their children reside has proper jurisdiction to step into their shoes.

While this may seem like a surprise, we are bound by laws, jurisdictions and ultimately, validation of custodial rights. The only issue to decide is: do I address this now or leave my children in limbo after something happens?

Educational Family Estate Apps is a new product and first of its kind. It provides an educational guide for you that will inform and empower at an affordable price. Prepare yourself before you seek out the services of an attorney…

What is there NOT to like?


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