This is a good question everyone should be asking….

A reader recently asked a great question which affirms the need for Educational Family Estate Apps and why it was created. Since, I am quite certain there are many more people who have similar concerns, I have decided to share.

I am thinking of changing my documents so that my estate does not get
>> eat up with taxes and I can make sure that it is done the way I want.
>> Further, I don't want inheritance taxes to eat up the money either.

>> We have a will but need to do something else.

>> Help! I don't know where to begin!

You desire to pass on your wealth to whom you chose. If you have minor children, you want to pick the Guardian(s) who will act in your shoes if something should happen. All of this seems simple enough, right? Yet with complex family structures being more prevalent today, many are unprepared and lack the information they need to make the best decisions.

Educational Family Estate Apps represents the educational guide you need to get “in the know.”  and to be better prepared for when you do decide to pay an attorney for his or her services. At $69 per annual subscription (hard copies available through the mail with S&H), Educational Family Estate Apps is an affordable option and what is best of all FOR YOU? It is packaged conveniently in one location!


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