Educational Family Estate Apps website under development!

This concept is one based in social justice and (personal) empowerment. Everyone must anticipate winding down their affairs and parents should be aware just how important Child Guardianship is to the protection of their children. These are never easy topics but Educational Family Estate Apps places you in the “driver seat,” providing a serious educational road map which includes helpful tips, questions to get you on your way and an awesome Guest Writer Series to show case those who have expertise in Tax and Estate Planning. Most of all, we provide the convenience you need at an affordable price.

Where to begin or even how to start the process of thinking about your legacy are real barriers to action. Additionally, it may not be in your budget to use an attorney just to gain the initial education you need to begin the process. Remember! Everyone has things of value or names of potential Guardians for your A+ list. For others, probate avoidance may be on the top of the priority list.

A Spanish version of the Educational content will be available! Additionally, unique coverage of the American Indian Probate Reform Act and a model Will drafted under the Act will be available at the purchase price.

The completion date of the website is expected to be at the end of this month.

Keep checking back for updates about our anticipated “Grand Opening” and for some special offers!

100% American Indian owned enterprise.


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