1949 – a pivotal year

Raymond Nowlin was honorably discharged after serving during WW II and settled in the area where he was born – Woodville, Oklahoma. Raymond soon after married and had a daughter who was given the name Mary. Mary was born in the neighboring town of Kingston, not in a hospital but at home. By 1949, Raymond had moved his young family about 180 miles to Altus, Oklahoma.

Raymond received knowledge by a Chickasaw relative that a per capita payment was expected in 1949. Raymond proceeded on September 01, 1949 to apply for a delayed birth certificate and the affidavits to support his application were reviewed by the representative of the State of Oklahoma on September 07, 1949. Raymond provided three sources of documentary evidence: Marshall County school enumeration record recorded in 1923 and signed by Superintendent  B.G. Askew; affidavit of personal knowledge signed by “neighbor” (W. N.?, typed over some other initials and hard to read) of the last name Ayres and another scholastic record recorded in 1924 which was attested to by enumerator, Ruth Minter. It appears that M. U. Ayres was the lead notary on the Delayed Birth Certificate application who attested for Raymond who his parents were *M. U. Ayres Notary Public in and for Southern District, Indian Territory. See (http://files.usgwarchives.net/ok/marshall/land/abstract2.txt).

NOTE: Neighbor Ayres who signed the affidavit stating Raymond was the son of Susie Brown Nowlin was related to the Earl E. Ayres, Administrator who participated in the 1928 probate. Don’t know the connection between A. U. Ayres to Earl E. Ayres.

After researching the Ayres, that family had its hand in many transactions involving Indian land and the name of Earl E. Ayres’ daughter, Veda came up in many of those transactions.

(http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=64248285 for Earl E.)

Case involving Earl E. and his wife Sylvia (http://law.justia.com/cases/oklahoma/supreme-court/1962/36089.html).

And also, http://pettijohnsprings.com/about/ (wonder how many Indians were swindled to make this Christian camp possible?).

1949 – a pivotal year cont….stay tuned!


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