Chickasaw Nation refuses to honor documentation in the Public Domain

ImageGrandmother, Susan Brown, nee Jefferson, nee Nowlin and nee Keel (full blood Chickasaw Roll #2828, Enrollment Card 953) was granted her original Homestead and Surplus allotment lands in Oklahoma Territory, Woodville, later Marshall County on August 25, 1906 (Patent numbers 13966 and 24746 respectively).


Her mother was Sylvia Frazier Okayumbby Brown (full blood Chickasaw Roll #2827) and her father was Loman Brown (full blood Chickasaw). G-grandmother Sylvia and Loman Brown had three children, two of which survived: Joe Loman Brown and our Grandmother, Susan Brown.


Our Grandmother Susan (a.k.a. Susie) to her husband Lorenzo E. Nowlin were married in Grayson County, Texas on April 20, 1910. To this marriage, our father Raymond Nowlin was born on October 13, 1914 in Woodville, Marshall County, Oklahoma. Raymond was the lawful heir born to Susan and the only child who survived into adulthood.


Lorenzo died almost two months after the birth of his son due to a tragic gun shot wound on December 04, 1914. Who remained essentially was a business savvy Indian woman who had in her name numerous direct oil and gas leases, her infant son and a niece, cousin Katherine Josephine Brown nee Graham (


      …and then the scheme, ever so twisted soon began in an effort to fraudulently disinherit Raymond from what was rightfully his through a series of omissions and then a defamatory claim published some sixty eight (68) years after his mother, Susie died and at least eighteen (18) years after his own death.   



33 thoughts on “Chickasaw Nation refuses to honor documentation in the Public Domain

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  2. I cant believe you are not going to honor my heritage. My father and mother will always be Raymond Nowlin, and Mary Nowlin. All we want from the Chickasaw Nation is to give us want we deserve, which is our birth right to have our card.

    • Your father Raymond Nowlin was not Susan’s biological child. This child was brought to the home of Lorenzo and Susan by the biological mother, a woman from Whitewright, Texas. At first they thought the child was just the product of a woman unable to care for her child and they took the child in to care for him. Some time later during an argument between Susan and Lorenzo, he (Lorenzo) admitted that the child was HIS> My Grandmother Josephine Brown Graham was a child staying at their home at the time. She was a witness to this event and documented the information with the Chickasaw Nation before her death. Please do not make derogatory remarks about my Grandmother, Josephine Brown Graham. She was the most truthful and honorable person in my life and would never have done anything like you have said.

      • The claim you make is that of Josephine Brown. Extensive court evidence shows that she wasn’t truthful surrounding anything about my father and his right to his mother’s homestead, as an after-born child. The following are glaring facts, which are just part of what I discovered:

        1. 40 acres was designated 40 acre homestead site, inalienable with direct “lineal” heirs and tax exempt. Removal of my Dad’s claim was necessary or to pretend he didn’t exist, since the 40 acres was not eligible for probate without answering some serious questions and Secretary of Interior’s express removal of restrictions. This also explains why no formal Determination of Heirship was done during the 1928 – 1931 probate, started by Josephine.

        2. Josephine lists “presumptive heirs,” listing my Dad and then someone lines out his name. She names him as an adopted child. Josephine also lists herself, Otis Novaline Brown and Ellen Brown.

        3. There are two cases which any one who wants to know the truth must be aware of during the time period of February 1928 (one year after Grandma Susie died, and March, 1931 at the end of the probate). Those are the probate done on my Grandmother Susie estate (#1003) and a partition case (# 3662). Remember that the land was not alienable (away from an after-born child) by act of Congress. The presence of a child with the same last name of the decedent needed to be formally addressed but his status wasn’t. That is itself suspect!

        4. January, 1930 an attempt to “warranty deed” the property between Ellen and Veda Ayers, daughter to the administrator of probate #1003. This failed, since clearly Ellen Brown was not a lineal descendant by any stretch of the imagination. The claim was made that Grandma Susie died intestate and without a Will. Josephine in 1949 on again her attestation of presumptive heirs left the following three questions blank on the “proof of death and heirship” Form which were just above where she would sign her signature: a) did the decedent die with any after born children (after March 04, 1906), b) did the decedent die without a Will and c) was a probate done on the decedent (an attempt to get at whether there was a court order determination of heirs). To all three questions, Josephine left blank.

        We know that two of three questions were true. The BIA in 2005 admitted that a “blank” meant that Josephine had said “no.” Clearly, she knew a probate had been done in 1928 since she was the primary authority in its inception.

        5. How can someone warranty deed something they don’t have a right to, by right or authority of law? The probate court didn’t grant such authority to sell the land and the probate had not finished. Since, the initial attempt to fraudulently disinherit my Dad by selling the land didn’t fly even under what appears to be less than a honest probate generally, Josephine elected herself to warranty deed the land then to a J.F. McCrory in May, 1930.

        Josephine sold it to McCrory for $50….purportedly estimated (low balled for clear reasons) $400. However, not being as savvy as she must have thought, Josephine signs a “deed” which just says, “I sell all my interest in X land.” Of course, as a “presumptive” heir, Josephine had a 1/4 interest or so, she agreed when she filed the probate. It was enough for a white man like McCrory to run with it and five days later, filed a partition case (#3662). The partition “request” was denied invariably, so he offered to purchase the whole homestead for $250. It was so ordered. Of that, McCrory was entitled to pay himself 1/4 of the $250. Payment to his own attorney Reuel Little was in the sum of $50.00 and George Sneed was paid $25.00. The remainder went to Novaline and her mother, Ellen and Louisa Hays, 1/2 sister to my Grandmother.

        George Sneed was the Guardian over Novaline Brown and Louisa Hays in #3662. It turns out that he became the presiding judge in the probate #1003 in March of 1931. Mr. Sneed being party to the partition action, knowing McCrory had purchased the land then just rubber stamped the “presumed heirs” list and finalized the probate as if the property was still in the estate and names Josephine, not McCrory as a beneficiary! Wow…is right.

        In August, 1928, Ollie Beard, J.W. Little (yes, related to Reuel Little) and John Glen were appointed as Appraisers in probate #1003. Ollie Beard is appointed as also one on the Commission to decide whether the partition request by McCrory would be granted in #3662. As indicated, it was invariably denied, which allowed McCrory to buy the whole 40 acre homestead for $250 or less (again, estimated to be $400).

        By September 1930, McCrory sold the same land for $10. to B.E. Adamson, which set into motion my Grandmother’s homestead to be known as the “hot potato” of the 20th Century.

        December, 1930 Adamson sold it to Reuel Little (attorney for McCrory in partition case #3662).

        By February 1940, Veda Ayres, daughter to Edgar Earl Ayres eventually was able to possess this land. The Ayres clan still own my Dad’s mineral interests as of today. Speaking of which, during the 1940s and 1950s, there were at least 30 barrels of oil removed per day (a type of minimum or maximum, depending on the sources relied). Royalties have been found that went to a variety of different people, including the Ned family and Josephine.

        6. Edgar Earl Ayres was the administrator in probate #1003. It turns out in September 01, 1949 my Dad applied for his Delayed Birth Certificate, common place since most people in the early 20th century were born at home. By September 07, 1949 the Certificate was issued. One of the affidavits submitted for his claim was one written by none other than Earl Ayres who attested that my Dad was the product of a lawful marriage, his mother was Susie Brown Nowlin and Lorenzo Nowlin. Lorenzo was killed two months after my Dad’s birth.

        7. 20 days later Josephine submits her statement of “presumed” heirs to the BIA on September 20, 1949. It turns out the Delayed Birth Certificate and the Form Josephine submitted were not coincidental. There were two pending per capita payments of $350 each, one to be dispensed in 1949 and another in 1951.

        BIA Administrator at the time makes some notations upon receipt of the Form Josephine submitted: BIA representative stated search was done to locate a court ordered Determination of Heirship but nothing was found. Of course, Josephine didn’t notify the BIA that a probate had been done on Grandma Susie in 1949, some 18 years after the fact and 2. the Administrator expressly limited the “presumptive heir” list to 1949 and never intended it to be “final.”

        On the Form, Josephine lists everyone she could think of except the only rightful heir, Raymond Nowlin. She listed on the little “wish list” of presumptive heirs the likes of Guy Keel’s children as “step-children” (Grandmother Susie was divorced from Keel two years before she died) and a group of Adams related to F.M. Adams who was a leasee on Susie’s land, and not even related!

        Finally, as to the claim that Josephine was a “witness” to the events. She also claimed as part of the document to which you refer, she also indicated she was a witness to the death of my Grandfather Lorenzo Nowlin, as just another example of inconsistencies. However, when my sister, Eva Faye then McLendon and her husband stayed the Columbus Day weekend in Josephine’s home in 1994, Josephine stated that she wasn’t there when it happened and later had to ask why my Grandmother’s house was filled with smoke. She was told it was the discharge after the gun fire by the gun which killed my Grandfather. As anyone privy to the real facts should know, the Sheriff killed Lorenzo Nowlin and the announcement was well publicized in several local newspapers.

        I could go on and on but I will not. There is plenty more to divulge if anyone would like to know the truth. But those who were actually there during the time in question have now long since deceased. What I have found are facts in the public domain and those facts speak volumes. My Dad was not allowed to attend school after his Mother died. He was 12 when she died and consequently, he had only a 6th grade education. There were wrongs done as clear as day. God requires accountability and I am obligated to use my extensive education to come up with a solution. Those that have died must now find peace.

      • Do not make further derogatory remarks about my father’s parentage. The public domain doesn’t lie.

        How could my Dad be named after his father, Raymond LORENZO Nowlin if his father died two months after his birth, if his mother wasn’t his mother? You seem to imply it was a point of contention between Grandmother Susie and Lorenzo (stated an argument was witnessed). Grandmother Susie and Lorenzo were married in 1910; my Dad was born October 13, 1914. Grandfather died abruptly on December 5, 1914.

        Josephine’s statement about his parentage is basically nonsense. I have a copy of her statement and the one written by Deanna Hartley-Kelso. Josephine on one hand said “foster child” and then “adopted.” All the while he was born and known as Raymond L. Nowlin….

      • Linda Harley this is response to your blog posting. I’m the oldest of Raymond Nowlin’s children, it is hard to believe someone you respect would do what we have public documents to prove our position against what your Grandmother did. We didn’t want to believe it either, but documents don’t lie. talk only with no documentation to bakup the comments does lie. If your family has public documents we haven’t uncovered to prove other that what we have found we would like to see them, not the continued misinformation you have believed throughout the years, that includes the tribe. I often wondered what of some of the comments he said meant, but until the family started digging it didn’t make sense to a child. it is time to end this, make it as right as can be made at this late date.
        come forth with real information, legal documents or accept we will continue to try to get justice for our Father, as well as be able to claim our heritage.

      • All I want is my hertiage from my father which is part of the chickasaw nation. I don’t understand why you are set against this. You are acting like we are taking something from you Linda. I read the reply above so until you can provide the proof that my older sister is asking for, and not just hear say, please stay out of this, since this is between our family and the Nation. Thank You

      • I will address a part of the letter dated November 11, 1999 written as a type of ‘affidavit’ by Deanna Hartley – Kelso, states in part:

        “On the above matter my great-grandmother, Josephine Brown Graham, niece of Susan Brown, relayed in writing (in December, 1994) the following information related to Raymond Nowlin.”

        The last paragraph is titled “Relatives of Constable Walter Henry.”

        “Walter Henry, the Constable who shot Lorenzo Nowlin, had a nephew named Harold Henry. Harold’s wife is named Maudie Henry and is believed to still be living in Kingston, Oklahoma. Josephine may have her phone number. Maudie Henry’s sister was married to Solomon Ned, Sr., who raised Raymond Nowlin after Susan Brown’s (then Keel) death….” exact words of Deanna Hartley – Kelso.

        Here is a rebuttal that the Bureau of Indian Affairs should have allowed the Nowlin Family to make:

        1. Perry Walter Henry was a “deputized” city marshal and likely deputized the day of the murder of Lorenzo Nowlin on or around December 05, 1914. Mr. Henry was sent by Constable Thompson, despite a request by Susie Brown Nowlin for Thompson to appear to help settle her husband who had been drinking. There is NO evidence that Mr. Henry was in the regular duty of law enforcement.

        2. Perry Walter Henry had married Mary Mildred Wallace. She died in 1907. Mary’s sister, Martha Elizabeth Wallace Christian and her husband raised Perry Henry’s children following the death of his wife, Mary. Maude Henry was one of the children of Perry Walter Henry (Maude is correctly spelled). Maude Henry has been confirmed to have died in Madill, Oklahoma on December 18, 1994.

        3. Josephine Brown Graham’s “Letter of Personal Knowledge” was signed and dated on December 12, 1994, witnessed by a R.L. Wright. Josephine doesn’t mention details about the Henry family in her statement. Deanna’s “Affidavit” was submitted almost five years later (date as cited).

        4. One of Perry Walter Henry’s siblings, Samuel Wright Henry who died in 1939 did have a child named, Harold Henry, which would be a cousin, not a husband to Maude.

        5. Maude’s only sister was named Alletha or Aletha Marie Henry. Aletha died in 1978. Aletha married a man with the last name of Lemmons. Aletha was never married to Solomon Cecil Ned, Sr. who was the son of Louisa Hays (Grandmother Susie’s 1/2 sister who was deaf mute) and Watson Ned.

        6. Solomon Ned was listed as 27 years old in 1930. Ola Mae is also listed on the 1930 Federal Census living in her husband’s household.

        While our father, Raymond Nowlin was listed as a “border” in the Solomon Ned’s household, he was by then 16 years old. He was also an orphan, since both his parents had died.

        7. It is a well known fact within our family that Solomon C. Ned married an Ola Mae Gray (Ned) or Grey who died in 1984. Ola Mae Gray was born to William David Gray and Minnie Belle Ashley. Interesting to note that Minnie Belle Ashley’s mother was born Malinda Ann Hartley who died in 1913.


        Maude Henry could not have been known or well known by either Josephine or Deanna, let alone a close friend. Close friends know when the other one dies. There was no point in having Maude’s phone number in 1999, since Maude was already deceased. It is unlikely that Maude had any personal knowledge of the day her father, Perry Henry shot our Grandfather, Lorenzo, since Maude would have been only about ten (10) years old herself in 1914. Maude Henry’s sister, Aletha was never married to Solomon C. Ned.

        The statement supplied by Deanna Hartley – Kelso stretches the imagination but more importantly it is false.

    • It is a very sad situation. After returning from his service during WWII, my father had taken my mother as his wife and his first child, Mary Nowlin was born near Kingston, Oklahoma, not far from our father’s place of birth. How different his life and the lives of his children would have been if Grandma Susie’s land had not been fraudulently sold by our cousin, Josephine Brown Graham!

      • I think this is sad about the Chickasaw nation will not honor what is due me. All I what is the title that I can call myself part Chickasaw Indian . I hope they will change or look at the facts and do the correct thing.

      • I know of this situation, my grandmother was in no way was a fraud! Please review her statement about this situation. I believe she even spoke to those involved and told them the entire story. Refrain from talking such hate about my grandmother Josephine , thank you

      • We have public documentation that proves who we are plus the 2011 State of Oklahoma issued Determination of Heirship. All of that proves contrary to what your grandmother or someone may have told you, since you were obviously not around during the incidences. All we are asking for is our family’s rightful heritage.
        Your grandmother or someone appears to have not told you that she (Josephine) during the probate in 1930 no less sold my father’s land apparently without authority by the probate court who later in 1931 attempts to distribute the property that was no longer available for distribution. We have copies of things like this and those documents are in the public domain.

    • Thank you. We are still trying….to move agency inertia. The law is quite clear. The federal arm of the Bureau of Indian Affairs has no jurisdiction to over-rule the decision of the Oklahoma District court which agreed we are the only rightful heirs to Susie Brown Nowlin.

      Since, no Determination of Heirship was performed during the 1928 probate and there is no Statute of Limitations barring us from doing so (to correct the lack of proper procedure), we acquired the Determination of Heirship through the State of Oklahoma in 2011. As of to date, the Agency has refused to recognize that and other public documentation!

  3. Have you considered contacting your state representative and Congressperson considering you have the appropriate documentation? As you know, you’re fighting against an intransigent bureaucracy who often will nudge at the behest of a politician. Just an idea for down the road…

    • Thanks! Yes, both my sister and I tried that with our respective elected officials – her legislator and senator of mine (sitting on the Indian Affairs Committee in fact). Quite interesting….the BIA managed to not address the issue in its response….specifically, why it isn’t recognizing the 2011 Determination of Heirship granted by the Oklahoma District Court in Marshal County! The State of Oklahoma was granted sole jurisdiction at statehood over heirship and probate matters for the Five Civilized Tribes and Osage.

      • Public embarrassment via TV news can sometimes force a bureaucracy’s hand. I know you probably don’t want that root but as a last ditch effort, it may provoke the BIA to directly address the issue….publicly. Whatever you decide, I’m interested.

      • Thank you, again for your comment and interest. I wish I knew a news source that would be also interested. If you can think of anything further or know someone in the media, I would appreciate the information!

  4. I have original written information to, listing your grandfather as a foster child so if you feel this is incorrect do a DNA test to prove you are right.

    • Your grandmother, Josephine stated many things, including confirming our father was the son of Susan..her story was not consistent. Josephine took advantage of our father, stole his land and then proceeded to benefit from the fraud. The lack of consistency and impeachment of HER character due to numerous falsities, such as denying a probate had been done on our grandmother when she was the one who instituted it, while not complimentary as a whole we have no reason to make up anything. Josephine had every opportunity to bring it forward during the 1928 probate and ask for a formal determination of Heirship, or on the 1949 Proof of Death, Josephine could have laid also to rest. She didn’t.
      Grandmother Susie never stated that during her life and she was perfectly capable of that, since her third child by her first husband, Mr. Jefferson was born two years after he had died. Grandmother Susie went to the BIA and stated the child known as Juanita was not Mr. Jefferson’s. Sorry but the burden was on Josephine and she failed to provide any collaborative, public documentation. We have met our burden of proof. Where is yours?

    • When Josephine Graham converted the Nowlin 40 acre restricted land for $50.00 fraudulently? When before then Ellen Brown (her mother) was used to covert the land into Veda Ayres name five months earlier? Earl Edgar Ayres was the “estate administrator.” The fraud keeps going….the Nowlin land was the hot potato of the 20th century….many of the same names or their beneficiaries purportedly owning it when NONE of them had any legal rights….That original documentation is written by the perpetrator of the fraud and is impeached for a LACK of credibility and NO DIRECT, PUBLIC (ADMISSIBLE) evidence to support the claim(s)…except, public evidence does prove the claim(s) were lies and subject to perjury in the first degree (affidavit is under oath). I can prove all of the above….and can collaterally assert my Grandmother Susie was murdered for the want and greed overly eager to steal from a minor child. SMH

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  6. The truth is out there and I think someone knows what I mean. We’ve not heard the truth yet from the Grahams. I would like the truth. Too much wishy-washy stuff but not one real, concrete proof as of yet. The truth is what I seek!

  7. Our grandmother spoke directly to the nation and that was her truth. Please refrain from disrespecting her name.

    • So, you were present when she spoke to the Nation? If you are speaking about her note, we have a copy of it and it is inconsistent with any real, public information and her own statements at other times. Truth is not subjective. Public documentation that we have been able to unearth clearly refutes anything your Grandmother wanted you to know or think. Read the rest of my blog and you will see the extent of that public documentation! Like we have asked of anyone in your family, we have asked for you to produce public documentation and let everyone see it. Otherwise, if you can’t produce anything other than Josephine’s written statement as a basis for your insistence then understand we will continue to pursue this issue, since we are entitled to our heritage just like anyone else. You are asking us to stop disrespecting your Grandmother then stop disrespecting our father unless you can truly prove something worthwhile.

    • This is funny in a way, and sad in another. What truth is being told is what we know. so with out the written stuff what truth can you tell us that we don’t know about. Josephine sold the land for 50.00 dollars. Now that’s true.

  8. Could someone tell me where Raymond Nowlin was in 1920? On the 1920 census Susie Brown/Nowlin was married to Guy Keel and there was a child in the household by the name of Ramon Ledbetter age almost 5, listed as roomer. Raymond Nowlin wasn’t with her. Her sister Louisa Hays was living with them. Guy Keel was indexed as Gay Keel on

    • Guy Keel in fact. We know from school scholastic records that my father was living with his mother in the 1920s. Grandmother was divorced from Guy Keel about two years prior to her death in 1927. I have enough evidence regarding anomalies regarding my Grandmother’s death certificate and the fact Watts Funeral Home (in business since 1926 in Marshall County) having no record of my Grandmother’s name or name of the purported undertaker to fully assert Grandmother Susie was murdered. My father was the only heir and should have inherited all 40 acres of restricted lands. As a minor, he was easy to steal from….

    • Ledbetter was actually a common name and there was a purported Ledbetter near to the Solomon Ned household in the 1930 census, as I recall. There is no evidence of a Ledbetter however in Whiteright (?) Texas or associated county during the time frame. The story as detailed by Josephine Brown Graham (instigator of the fraudulent probate) and Deanna Hartley Kelso (granddaughter / beneficiary of the fraud) lacked details and when there was an attempt to add details, they are quickly disproved by the public records. Public records count, not statements that have no such direct evidence. Conjecture isn’t enough. However, the federal censuses were notoriously not accurate and themselves contrived with conjecture as to race. Self-reporting by “head of household” was not guaranteed honest. Solomon Ned used his mother, my Grandmother’s half sister to push through the fraudulent probate also who was a deaf mute.

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