Dis-Honor Native Blood Perpetuates Theft

Your Birthright is there.  Then taken. Then gone. Never again do you have any say.

Oh, the atrocity and now the audacity to fail to correct the fraud perpetrated against my Father, Raymond Nowlin by his cousin (in the Indian way, his sister) Katherine Josephine Brown Graham (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/deceit-oklahoma-helen-nowlin).

Seattle Councilperson Debora Juarez Holds “Deeply” Personal Beliefs against Disenrollment

In the coming days, I will post new information about this matter and will document more about the fraud.

26 American Indian Tribes to Receive Funds to Assist Their Military Veterans

“Federal officials for the first time will extend veterans housing grants to 26 Native American tribes, a move that could speed finding shelter for this previously underserved, military veteran community.” Thank you, President Obama!



Cliven Bundy, Koch and Shoshone

So, the Nevada land issue with Cliven Bundy has a lot to do with what is under the ground – It turns out the land happens to sit over the largest known gold reserve in the U.S. IT all boils down to money….Bundy isn’t stupid and neither is Koch.

Our constitutional “rights” typically refer to as much the rights found in the Bill of Rights not just the Constitution. These rights are more at risk by such “seizure” by renegades and the fact justice against their actions has been artificially delayed. It sends the message, guns solve problems.
The claimed problem isn’t even a problem….public lands belong to all of us. It is time to say enough to corporatism which is primarily behind the Hammonds and the likes (Koch Bros). Privatize the land and you lose your “rights.”

This provocative article tells it all.

The Alternative to Indian Child Welfare Act



While the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) had some success, the level of success was not as much as anticipated or hoped for due to repeated State and adoption agency efforts to maintain the status quo. Most saw the problem but measured the solution only through the lens of ICWA. Tribes and American Indian parents were convinced State removal authority was absolute, and it wasn’t.

The author of this paper challenges the status quo and lays out a system which will better support Indian Child Welfare. It is comprised of a rather simple system requiring only the dedication and implementation of two basic steps. First, ensure access to affordable or no cost legal services in low income, ethnically diverse communities. Then expand use of Estate Planning and Legal Guardianship tools available to any resident. Guardianship can work in any situation while allowing retention of parental authority. Legal Guardianship is a direct alternative and can achieve what ICWA could not do – slow down the rate of Indian children going into non-Indian homes.

Stay tuned! If you wish to read my full article, please, send a request.

Thank you and help spread the word! Knowledge is Empowerment….

Helen Nowlin, Attorney and CEO


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