State based removal authority in the Indian Child Welfare Act can be circumvented!

…the beat goes on….It is time to empower American Indians and tribes to circumvent the Indian Child Welfare Act which allows state removal of Indian children. I tell people how to do just that and disclose my research in the American Indian Section of Educational Family Estate Apps. There will be no need then for apologizes.

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Wide spread adoption of the U.N. Indigenous Rights Declaration must be done

It is time to admit that human rights violations are of the nature to require them to be addressed and if justice can’t be acquired through the entity who perpetrated the violations then another authority should be available. Human rights are in global proportion in origin and deserve redress, no matter how long ago they may have occurred. When things lie dormant or lack serious scrutiny, it encourages more of the same behaviors in the future.

To hide behind law or lack thereof and deny rights in equity as a means to address the violations places uncertainty about the justice system’s role as deliverer and its ability to curtail civil unrest.

Mobile Apps Will Decide Your Product’s Success

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My home theater system recently stopped working and I found myself in the market for a specific piece of relatively complex consumer technology: a new receiver. A new home theater receiver is not an insignificant purchase. Surprisingly, the major factor in my decision had nothing to do with price point or technical specs. Instead, I chose a receiver that featured an intuitive mobile app that made the technology easier and more delightful to use.

I bring this up because apps like this are actually changing business models. The first few apps out there might have been gimmicks, but they have evolved into so much more than that. They are becoming the remote control to the Internet of Things. Apps are no longer an accessory; they’re a necessity.

There are currently 1.3 million apps available on Android alone. The options available create a competitive market, especially when you consider

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Process of Reconciliation is Justice

“Robbed of [his] name(s), forbidden to speak [his] their languages (severe beatings would follow any use of traditional language), subjected to harsh physical punishment (Solomon Cecil Ned promised Dad, “Pick the cotton and at the end of the season, I will pay you. Payment never came.”) and deprived of love, [he] the children suffered enormously.”

Fukushima Inaction Concerns Us All

“Even more concerning, scientists appear to be baffled by the current phenomena unfolding in the Pacific ocean, or simply are not allowed to disclose the real reason behind these massive die offs. What they do know is that a 1,000-mile stretch of the Pacific Ocean has warmed up by several degrees (2 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit), and this giant warm “blob” was first identified in late 2013 and has been wreaking havoc with our climate and ocean population ever since.”

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