App based Education may be set for filling in a widening gap in knowledge for you and your family

Washington State Supreme Court has held lawmakers in contempt regarding funding public education. Many states should be held similarly, since all the Western States at the time of their establishment were given mandates to provide education in their Enabling Acts (created through the power of the federal government). The federal government gave lands to the fledgling states to help support that mandate. All but a handful of those states sold those lands and placed the proceeds in Trust Accounts. Washington State is one of those exceptions and continues to use the federally granted lands as a source of revenue. The actual “how” in doing so is a state matter up to the pro rata share the states are now responsible to fund education, separate and apart from the obvious federal dollars that flow to assist in funding education.

The power of app based education will be the gap filler for American families!

Why haven’t you looked into Estate Planning Education?

On a U.S. based average, to visit an attorney costs the consumer $250 per hour. My app based Estate Planning Education covers everything that two or more hours sitting with an attorney should provide you, plus the questions that anyone needs to answer in order to maximize that time.

People can access all this much needed education (matters of heirship and guardianship, if minor children are involved) in one convenient app on their mobile phones and start the thinking process on these important issues within the comfort of their own homes! :) At $39 for a one time viewing or $69 for a year subscription (gift subscriptions will be available), customers will keep more of  their money in their pockets.

I am passionate about empowering people just like you! Ask me how.

Helen Nowlin, Esq.

App based coverage of the American Indian Probate Reform Act with a Model Will!

My business, Educational Family Estate Apps will include extensive coverage of the AIPRA! It will have a discussion on some of the most important provisions of AIPRA and what you or a loved one should consider if interest in Trust or Restricted land is involved, whether or not additional real or personal properties are owned. A Model Will crafted under the Act will be available for download. 

As an attorney, consumer and mother, I am excited to offer families a powerful, new and affordable tool to get familiar with what the law requires regarding succession and child guardianship, if minor children are within your home. While this information is estimated to be worth at a minimum fair market value of $400., it will be offered for a one time viewing at $39 or $69 for one year subscription, including updates and access to the Guest Writer Series. Special deals are possible for Gift Subscriptions! 

If you would like to place your name on a list, so I can notify you when the product hits the market, please, send me your name and contact information to or respond to this post. Please, feel free to share this information!  

Helen Nowlin, Esq. 

Chickasaw Tribal Member