Investment opportunity in “Child Protection and Wealth Management Guide for Busy Parents”

Child Protection and Wealth Management Guide for Busy Parents – as an attorney and mother, I know everyone deserves access to this vital information but far too many can’t afford it. Social justice requires that consumers like you should have access to the same information as everyone else at an affordable price ($39 or $69 for an annual subscription)! Legal professionals, experts in Estate Planning are contributors to the Guest Writer Series and for the American Indian community, tribes will find extensive coverage of the American Indian Probate Reform Act, including a model Will drafted under the Act available for download! I will offer subscriptions and licensing agreements.

I need six people to invest $5,000 each. Investors will get in return up to 4% of gross sales of consumer subscriptions. Software developers who would like to join me early on will get a large pro-rata share of gross sales of consumer based purchases, up to 30%. Sincere inquiries only.

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How postmortem fame and fortune (of rich and famous) relates to Estate Planning Education and YOU!

It struck me today how the rich and famous seem to garner more fame and fortune after death than they do in life. Hologram technology is alive and well, too which really came onto the scene several years ago.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival used for the first time hologram images mixed with live performance during a music concert that featured Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Later, Michael Jackson who died in 2009 shared the floor in hologram form during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Yes, it is only a matter of time. Don’t assume that only those with such earning potential require Estate Planning Education. If you have minor children who require protection or have assets without children, we all have decisions to make.

My Estate Planning Education is thorough, convenient and affordable. Ask me how to access your copy today! Gift subscriptions are available! Helen Nowlin, Esq.

Alicia Keys inspires a social movement

We Are Here is a social movement  will work on those issues that no one person or even country can solve alone. It is a form of acknowledgment that inspiration can overcome barriers to change and inertia. Stand up and be counted. Peace matters for your children and mine. Will you plan for the future?